Off Grid Fresh Water Supply

Follow the Off Grid Project and learn how to provide fresh water for your home.

Living off the grid does not mean daily trips 300 yards to the creek to haul water for drinking in gallon jugs. Although many off grid homes do just that. The idea of running back and forth for water every day, come rain, snow or shine, is a huge turn off.

That is why The Off Grid Project shows you various means to provide fresh water without all the work. Depending on where you live and what resources are available to you, how you get your water will vary. A solar distiller will be covered, as well as rain water and ground water collection processes for your fresh water supply.

Follow the progress on this page as the project progresses. Updates will be constantly posted.

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Well, I spent a few months doing just what I said I did not want to -- hauling water in gallon jugs from the creek. And with a very limited water supply, there was no running water for bathing or washing dishes. Everything was hauled a gallon at a time. I became very efficient at using just a single gallon of water per day. This included washing, cooking, eating, brushing teeth and bathing. When the weather got hotter this turned into 2 gallons per day. My washing and drinking needs doubled.

Recently I got a free 30 gallon water tank from an old camper I gutted. For now I have been taking this larger tank down to the creek to fill up. I can use the 12 volt water pump from the old camper to pump water into the tank. Then I use a garden hose to drain the water into the on board trailer water tank. This provides the Off Grid Trailer with running water. It is nice to wash dishes, brush teeth or even flush the toilet for real. The trailer comes with a 12 volt water pump that provides pressurized water through the whole system.