Use Organic Cleaning Supplies

Follow the Off Grid Project and learn how to use organic, environmentally friendly cleaners in your own off grid home.

When living off the grid, normally that means also living closer to nature. You do not want to pollute the land you live on, especially if you use well or ground water. Dumping poisonous chemicals on the ground or in a drain field pollutes the land around you. Your own land.

Organic, old fashioned cleaners are as good as the chemicals we use today. Some are actually better. Many cleaners you can make yourself out of natural ingredients.

Take, for example, plain old vinegar. This is a very good universal cleaner. It is well known for cleaning toilets and kitchens. It can be used to prevent mold and mildew when washing walls. Another nice side benefit is that ants do not like it. When you wash your walls with a diluted mixture of vinegar water, ants will not be happy. Vinegar makes a good glass cleaner as well. If you pour baking soda down your drain and then dump some vinegar in after it, a bubbling cleansing action will lift up and remove all the black filth in your drains.

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